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        Oct 112022

        Women are leading the struggle in Iran after the senseless murder of Mahsa Amini by the repressive, theocratic regime led by the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and presided over in government by the President Ebrahim Raisi.  They have displayed enormous courage in their protests against the rules governing their lives and the role of the morality police in enforcing those rules – anachronistic, repressive rules governing even mundane aspects of every woman’s life.  The women have been joined by their brothers, fathers and friends who understand the legitimacy of the women’s response to repression. 

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        Oct 042022
        Nuclear blast over city with: "End the war in Ukraine while there is still time"

        The looming danger of a nuclear war in Europe, which could expand to engulf the entire planet, makes it obligatory for the nadian government to end its involvement in the war in Ukraine, to withdraw all nadian troops from the region, and to press for a negotiated politil solution now.

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        Sep 182022

        Le Parti communiste du nada se joint à l’appel lancé au gouvernement fédéral pour qu’il accorde immédiatement le statut de résident permanent à tous les travailleurs-euses sans statut et à ceux qui ont un statut temporaire au nada. Le 18 septembre, des manifestations à travers le nada demanderont au gouvernement Trudeau d’inclure tous les sans-papiers dans son programme de régularisation de l’immigration annoncé précédemment, bien que non défini. Ce n’est qu’en accordant un statut à tous que les droits fondamentaux des travailleurs-euses pourront réellement s’appliquer à tous les travailleurs-euses, en relevant le plancher des salaires et des conditions de vie et de travail pour tous.

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        Sep 162022

        The Communist Party of nada joins the ll on the federal government to immediately extend permanent resident status to all non-status and temporary status workers in nada. On September 18th, demonstrations across nada will ll on the Trudeau government to include all undocumented migrants in their previously announced, although undefined, immigration regularization program. Only through providing status to all n basic workers’ rights truly apply to all workers, raising the floor on wages and living and working conditions for all.

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        Sep 012022

        Labour Day 2022 marks an eslating struggle by workers in the public and private sectors to recover wages slashed during two years of pandemic and economic crisis, and to resist public sector pay restraints, huge hikes in interest rates, and runaway price increases on food, fuel and rents.

        In BC, public employee job actions started August 15, and 400,000 workers could eventually strike, demanding that the NDP government negotiate real wage increases with cost of living provisions (COLA) to protect against runaway inflation.

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        Aug 292022

        The Communist Party of nada was subject to a vicious attack on social media, in the lead up to our 40th Convention in early July and afterwards. This attack has not stopped the Party’s recruiting and activities, including the publition of our press. But a false narrative widely amplified on twitter and other platforms continues. This message is to encourage interested people to examine this situation with a critil analysis.

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        Aug 122022
        photo of two men running from bombing in Gaza

        The Communist Party of nada unequivolly condemns the Zionist aggression against the people of Gaza. A three day Israeli bombing mpaign on Gaza has left at least 49 Palestinians dead, including 17 children. Israel alleges their criminal attack was ‘pre-emptive’, a claim that has nothing to do with reality. The Israeli war machine dropped bombs on residential dwellings and critil infrastructure that was still being rebuilt and repaired from last year’s bombing mpaign.

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        Aug 092022

        The world marks the 77th anniversary of the US nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with new US provotions in Asia, this time aimed at China and the people of Taiwan.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s expedition to Taiwan accompanied by US fighter jets, battle ships and an aircraft rrier circling China’s borders , “to protect /defend democracy” – led to the scrambling of Chinese fighter jets in response, in a confrontation that had the whole world on edge for several days.

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        Jul 092022

        The Communist Party of nada condemns the continued repression of communists in Sudan. In particular, we denounce the siege of the offices of the Sudanese Communist Party where demonstrators opposed to the military regime have taken refuge, as well as the intimidation and arrest of leaders of this sister party in the vanguard of the struggle against the military junta in power since 2019 and sponsored by imperialism.

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